Instrumental Music

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Jazz Band Picnic/Concert

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Jazz Band Picnic/Concert - In courtyard

Big Band Night

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Jazz Band presents "Big Band Night" with dessert, drinks and dancing

The L.L. Jazz Band presents "Big Band Night" with dessert, drinks and dancing on Friday, April 8 @ 7pm in the small gym.

Middle School's Success At Malcolm

Last Friday, the 18th of March, the middle school band directed by Mr. Morris, went to the Malcolm Music Contest. The band was one of many that attended. They played two songs one “March of the Irish Guard” by James Ployhar and the second was “Aztec” by Erik Morales. Mr. Morris said the band played these two songs with “spirit and energy giving a performance with impact.” The three judges awarded the band with superior and excellent ratings.
This great performance will be played once more at the middle school band concert on May 10th.

HS Band and Choir Plans for 2012 Tour

This year the band and choir are starting their annual fundraiser, but this year the money is purposed for high school music department’s tour, which will take place in the 2011-2012 school year. The kids planning to go have already started raising funds by selling an assortment of frozen foods and treats from Deli International. The band also designed some Warrior sweatpants for all the musicians to sell. 

MS Band at Malcolm Music Festival

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MS Band at Malcolm Music Festival

Band to perform at Music Festival

The L.L. 7/8 Grade Band will perform at the Malcolm MS Music Contest on Friday, March 18 @ 10:20am.  There are two venues for the large ensembles and the band will be in room A, which is one of their gymnasiums. 

Jazz Band to perform at Savannah Pines

On February 3, 2011 the Lincoln Lutheran Jazz band will be performing at the Savannah Pines Adult Community at 6:00 pm. This is the band's first performance of the year and they are excited to play. The director, Mr. Scott Morris, wants people to know that "There are going to be some good solos!" 

All LL music groups perform in Fall Sampler Concert

The fall music concert took place on Monday, November 8. The night started off with a successful soup supper put on by the music department. There was a free-will offering for the soup dinner and the delicious cookies afterwards that the music department to help purchase two marching bass drums, concert tom-toms and percussion hardware and instrument stands. The concert featured all the middle school and high school music groups.

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Marching Band Finishes Their "More Cowbell" Season

Last Friday night was the last marching band performance of the year. It was a great show. The band's theme was "More Cowbell." The show started off with a the music stylings of the Rolling Stone with [I Can't Get No] Satisfaction. The next piece was Don't Fear The Reaper. This marching band season will be remembered for the unique guest appearances of Mr Heibel in a big, crazy, black wig for the homecoming game and Hayley Majorins as the Grim Reaper for the last game, playing the cowbell.

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HS District Music Contest @ Fairbury

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HS District Music Contest: Band & Choir - Small Ensembles & Soloists