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Middle School Magazine Sale Success

The Lincoln Lutheran middle school is participating in a magazine selling fund raiser that started on September 17, and runs through October 30, 2009. The Middle School has already sold 201 magazines. So far, 43 Middle School students have participated in selling magazines for the fund raiser. The current top sellers are Payton Hedlund in first place, Hannah Sain in second, Zach Kunz in third, Tara Ziegelbein in fourth and Elijah Kouma in fifth.

The Middle School has already raised $3,588 and 40% of the profits go to the shcool. The money the school receives goes toward paying for Middle School retreats, Middle School play equipment for breaks, and Middle School class equipment. Nine of the sellers were sixth graders. Eighteen of the sellers were seventh graders and sixteen of the sellers were eighth graders. So far the Middle School magazine sales have been a success.

Student Council Starts off Year Strong

The student council started off the year with planning homecoming. The student council is in charge of homecoming court, hallway decorating, and the dance. The theme this year for homecoming was Final Destination. Each class rep chose a vacation destination to decorate their hallway and the council chose the dance them to be a Caribbean destination. The student council felt the week was very successful and fun and was a good representation of our school spirit. Now they are excited to concentrate on future activities.

All School Testing Day

All school testing day is on Wednesday, October 14th this year. It is a day where students take different achievement tests. This day is required by the state but it is also used to develop the curriculum, check achievments and to evalute the teachers.

The 6th and 7th graders do acheivments with there teachers, they also play chess with Mr. Sommerer. The 8th and 9th graders do the Explore test, the 10th graders do the PLAN test. 11th graders take the PSAT and the 12th graders do the John Baylor review.

Game Change for the MS VB C1 Team

On October 19, the Middle School volleyball C1 team has a site change for their game against North American Marytrs Gray team.  The game will now be played at St. Peters Gym.

Student Edge - Free Online Homework Help

StudentEdge has free, online homework help for 12 different subjects. These detailed, interactive modules can be reviewed any time of the day and are even correlated to major textbooks. To get there, log in to StudentEdge and click on the Homework Help tab.

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Rotary International Youth Exchange Program

What is Rotary Youth Exchange?
Rotary Youth Exchange is a country-to-country exchange of high-school age young people who are between the ages of 15 and 19 years old when they arrive in the hosting country. (Some countries including the United States will not accept students who are more than 18 ½ years old when they arrive.) The exchange offers a cultural and educational experience for the student and those serving as hosts. The exchange lasts 10 to 12 months and follows either the American school year or the school year of the foreign country.
What is Rotary?
Rotary International, which sponsors this program, is an international volunteer organization comprised of Rotarians around the world dedicated to improving their community, both locally and globally, through service to others.

October 2009 UPDATED Scholarship List

Attached (in PDF format) is the October 2009 Scholarship List - Scholarships Available for College.  Please see Blank in the office for more information or help with any scholarship questions.

Warrior Wear

Districts Wraps It Up for Girls Golf Team

    On Tueday, October 6th Lincoln Lutheran teed off to start the 6-7 hour day of non-stop golf. Though the weather wasn't great, the girls gave it all they had. Alix Christensen took the lead for the Lutheran girls with a score of 111, Shelby Backhus in second with 114, Nakita Dolezal with 134, Molly Doak at 135, and Kristen Garbe at 139. Though the team did not make it to state, they fought till the end, and you will not see one sad face, this is a team that sticks together through it all! With the young team this year there is much room to improve, and there is much hope for next year.  One thing can be sure, the Lincoln Lutheran Girls Golf Team will be back!

Holocaust Survivor To Visit LL October 15th

English 9 students welcome Lou Leviticus, a Holocaust survivor who lost parents in Nazi-occupied Netherlands during World War II, as a culminating event to a 5-week unit. Students explored three different genres of story-telling from Holocaust Literature: Night (Elie Wiesel), Maus (Art Spiegelman) and Schindler' List (Steven Spielberg). Thematic readings of each genre studied how opinions, biases, hatred and injustice led to one of the darkest stories told in our world's history. Contemporary "readings" of our society reveals that opinions, biases, hatred and injustice actively influence us today.

Leviticus, a speaker registered with the Nebraska Humanities Council and professor emeritus at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, will bring to life actual stories and challenge our audience to make the obvious connection between different eras of injustice. This event is open to our Lincoln Lutheran families free of charge. He will be speaking to the school-wide audience October 15th from 9:30-10:15 and join all English 9 students for a focused breakout session from 10:25-11:05. Please join us!