National Honor Society

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NHS Induction Ceremony

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NHS Induction Ceremony

NHS Thrives in the Spring

Springtime is a busy time of year for the members of National Honor Society. Many events are being planned and stressed over for the rest of the year. The first event coming up is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, on March 2nd. Throughout the day the members of NHS will be traveling to the elementary schools in the area—Trinity, Faith, Christ, Good Shepherd, Messiah, and even Riley. The students are always excited about spending time with the younger kids reading them their favorite Dr. Seuss books. The most popular books are The Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs and Ham.

What's National Honor Society up to?

National Honor Society may not be the most noticeable of our school groups, but they certainly do more than their fair share of work around both the school and our community. Examples would be updating the marquee in front of the school and cleaning up after each home basketball game, to name a few. They serve as a valuable connection to our church families, helping out with different events such the Faith Fun Run that occured not too long ago. Also, the upcoming Trinity Carnival will be receiving help from NHS members.

NHS Continues To Work Hard

National Honor Society has been working diligently this school year. Some of the things that NHS has accomplished are recycling paper, changing the marquee, and cleaning up after volleyball games. NHS has also started the Samaritans Purse Project and the start of planning a fundraiser for Ian Loewe and his family. There are many more projects that NHS is planning to do later in the school year.

New NHS Inductees

On Sunday May 1st, 21 students were inducted in the chapter of National Honor Society. Getting the opportunity to join NHS is a great accomplishment. Students that apply must have a cumulative GPA over three semesters of at least 3.6. To apply the students are required to write an essay on four main points. They write about how they are a leader, how they give service to others, what kind of character they have and how they use all these in their life. The fourth topic is scholarship, which is based on their GPA. Another thing they write is why they would like to join NHS.

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NHS Induction Ceremony

Executive Summary: 
National Honor Society induction ceremony

NHS Induction Ceremony - Main Gym

NHS Raises Money for Japan

As many people know, Japan suffered from a terrible earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. The NHS members wanted to do something for the people in Japan affected by the earthquake and tsunami. The NHS decided to have a dollar drive. The fundraiser took started on March 29 and lasted until April 8.

NHS St. Patrick's Day Cookie Operation

On March 17th, the NHS gave out cookies to anyone who had a cookie bought for them.  Along with the cookie came a note, most likely a friendly one from one friend or loved one to another.  The idea for this project was from Cait Smith and she was the one passing out the cookies, along with Kristin Ryman and Brian Klintworth.  

NHS & Dr. Seuss Day

On Wednesday, March 2 Lincoln Lutheran’s National Honor Society participated in Dr. Seuss day. To celebrate, they split up into teams and visited the Lutheran elementary schools, reading Dr. Seuss books to the kids. Along with this, they passed out book marks and coloring pages.

Dr. Seuss Day, also known as Read Across America Day, takes place every year on March 2, Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Along with Lincoln Lutheran’s NHS, other participants across the country included Michelle Obama, Jessica Alba, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

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NHS Sees the Rewards of Helping with Operation Christmas Child

Each person in NHS made a box for Operation Christmas Child. The members bought presents to fill a shoebox for a certain age group of children in underprivileged families. NHS members now have successfully delivered their Christmas box to Blank’s office. After the boxes were delivered to Blank’s office, NHS president Molly Kenow took the boxes to a church in Seward. This church was one of the drop off areas for the Christmas boxes. The boxes needed to be delivered at a drop off area in time to reach children by Christmas.