Comprehensive Campaign

The Lutheran Education Foundation is conducting a comprehensive campaign to support general operations, projects, scholarships, and endowments for Lutheran education in the Lincoln area.

The current Now Through Eternity campaign concludes June 2020 and planning is under way for the next campaign to impact students in Lutheran schools.

Campaign Goals

Warrior Fund - $600,000 
Provides financial support to all students who attend Lincoln Lutheran.  Called our Annual Fund in the past, this money helps us control increases and keeps the cost of tuition reasonable for all families.

Debt Reduction Fund - $525,000
Pays double principal--over and above our normal payments--towards our capital debt. By doing so, we cut the life of our loan in half and eliminate more than $125,000 in interest.  We will be able to more quickly respond to emerging needs.

Programming Fund - $75,000
Expands summer programming to attract more students to our campus and expose them to our ministry family.  Makes grants available for teachers to create new and emerging educational innovations.

Multi-Use Building - $350,000
Constructs a large external building for many groups to use ranging from wrestling to dance/cheer and music.  The structure would provide storage for outdoor-activity groups and field maintenance equipment.  There would be space for concessions and outside groups, including Lutheran elementary schools, would be able to rent it. Completed!

Media Center Renovation Fund - $50,000
Enhances the media center to better serve students by upgrading technology and furnishings throughout the space. Completed!

Maintenance Needs Fund - $300,000
Replaces the roof over majority of the facility, overlays parking lot and drives with additional asphalt and updates the transportation fleet (buses and vans) within the next 3-5 years.  Some money has been set aside to help with these needs but additional funding is necessary.

Scholarship Endowment Fund - $150,000
Makes it possible for every student, regardless of financial means, to obtain a quality, faith-based education.

Operational Endowment Fund - $150,000
Supplements the Warrior Fund by helping to keep tuition as low as possible for all Lincoln Lutheran students into perpetuity.

Elementary Endowment Fund - $200,000
Establishes grant funding and/or scholarships for elementary schools with the Lincoln Lutheran Schools Association.  Nearly 75% of Lincoln Lutheran students come from these elementary schools.

Capital Upgrades Fund - $200,000
Sets aside money for projects that have not yet been fully identified such as locker rooms, a fine arts center, or property acquisition necessary for future ministry needs.