College Credit Courses

Lincoln Lutheran partners with Concordia University to help successful high school students get a jump start on college. The program provides teachers with the information and support they need to teach college-credit classes, allowing students to earn college credit at a reduced cost before graduating. This program offers courses found in the general education requirements of many colleges and universities.


Tuition is $80 per credit hour. Payments are made directly to Concordia through EventBrite.

Transferring Credits 

Courses taken through Concordia Dual Credit program are transferable to many colleges and universities. Students are strongly encouraged to check with the institution of their choice regarding the acceptance and application of transfer credit. It is the institution receiving the credit that determines if the credit is accepted and how it is applied.

Dual Credit Courses Available at Lincoln Lutheran

CUNE Number CUNE Title CUNE Credits Lincoln Lutheran Course
Chem 115 General Chemistry 4 Credits LL Advanced Chemistry (Deeter)
Eng 102 Experiences in Writing 3 Credits LL English 4 (Duitsman)
Eng 201 Introductory Literature 3 Credits LL English 4 (Duitsman)
Hist 115 United States History 3 Credits LL US History (Bassett)
Math 122 Introduction to Statistics 3 Credits LL College Stats (Troyer)
Math 151 Pre-Calculus Mathematics 3 Credits LL Pre-Calculus (Troyer)
Math 184 Calculus 1 4 Credits yLL Calculus (Troyer)
Phys 110 Principles of Physics 4 Credits LL Physics (Deeter)
Ps 111 American Government 3 Credits LL Government (Bassett)
Span 101 Introductory Spanish I 3 Credits LL Spanish 3 (McHargue)
Span 102 Introductory Spanish II 3 Credits LL Spanish 4 (McHargue)
Psy 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 Credits LL Psychology (Deeter)