Scholarship Opportunities


Scholarships can be awarded to qualified students through a variety of sources. The most substantial opportunities for earning scholarships are typically found through a specific college or university that has accepted your application to become a student. Be sure to explore your post-secondary institution's website and contact their financial aid office to discover what is available to you.

EducationQuest - Your Main Resource for Financial Aid Information

This is a free resource for students and families to explore all things involving financial aid, including questions regarding the FAFSA. You may contact EducationQuest in Lincoln and make an appointment to speak with a financial aid expert--a service highly recommended by the Lincoln Lutheran Guidance Director--and learn more from their website

1300 O Street
Lincoln, NE 68504
(402) 475-5222

Other Scholarship Resources on the Web

Check out these other free scholarship searches!

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities often come through the Guidance Office. When notice of a scholarship opportunity has been received, it will be posted in the Lincoln Lutheran Scholarship Handbook and emailed out to seniors and their parents.  The Scholarship Handbook provides an updated list of scholarships available, posted by deadline dates, along with other useful scholarship application information. 

Please feel free to explore the scholarship opportunities listed in the handbook. Students and parents/guardians should partner together to make choices about what to apply for. If you have any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of a scholarship website or application, please contact the Guidance Office. should NEVER need to pay for scholarship services or searches.

Lincoln Lutheran college scholarships and Lutheran Education Foundation college scholarships will become available in the Spring of each academic year.