Jazz Band Tour (May 2018)

On March 5th, 2018, the Lincoln Lutheran Jazz Band toured the Lutheran schools of Lincoln.  This experience allowed jazz band members to share their musical talents and Warrior pride to elementary students.  While visiting Messiah, Trinity, Faith, and Christ, they were able to interact with many students varying in ages. Fifth graders incorporated their musical talents by talking about their own personal instruments with Lincoln Lutheran students who play in the same section.  Other students got to learn more about instruments. One girl asked how heavy the tuba was and was invited to come up and try to lift the instrument herself. Elementary students got to see what it would be like playing in a high school band and joining the Lincoln Lutheran community. The jazz band grade school tour is a positive experience for both the high school and elementary students.  Christa Grimpo, a freshman, says, “It was so fun to see all the kids enjoying what we were playing and getting excited about the music”.

On March 10, 2018, the Lincoln Lutheran Jazz Band joined the Community Outreach Team for a servant event at the Lancaster Rehab Center.  Sophomore, James Admiraal did most of the organizing for the event.

Lancaster Rehab Center Activities Director, Kelly Zetocha stated, “I would like to thank you and the students for Saturday’s performance.  The residents really enjoyed it! I wanted to share with you some positive feedback. Our receptionist mentioned to me how polite and respectful the students were as they passed through the lobby.  She also said that multiple residents and their family members complimented on not only the performance, but also how interactive and kind the students were. Please thank the band members and volunteers who helped with the craft!  They represented your school well.”