Lutheran Schools of Lincoln Present: Dr. Micah Parker (December 2017)

Lincoln Lutheran would like to extend a special invitation to the families within your ministry. On Wednesday, January 24th at 6:30 pm, the Lutheran Schools of Lincoln will host Dr. Micah Parker in the Lincoln Lutheran Main Gym, to share a message of trust with parents and youth. We believe listeners 4th/5th grade and older will benefit most from his message, but all ages are invited.


Information about Dr. Parker:  

  • He has had a chance to speak to thousands of adults and youth during his 20 year speaking ministry.
  • His message connects with the listener as he shares his personal testimony about how extreme adversity in his life was used by God to achieve a larger purpose.

How Dr. Parker got started speaking:

"God blessed me with an unexpected and incredible adversity that helped shape my original message. My personal testimony is about how to truly trust Jesus Christ with your entire life, regardless of the circumstances. After taping a chapel service I did at Concordia University NE about my experience, I mailed the recording to friends and family who were praying for me. That talk was taken to church or given to friends who were also dealing with an adversity. People heard the tape and asked me to come tell more of the story. When people would ask me to come back and speak, I'd respond with, 'You heard my story; that's all I've got.' As a result, I developed many more talks. That was 19 years ago. Since then, I've been blessed to speak in 28 different states and Canada to over 600 groups, ranging from ONE to 30,000. I've spoken in a huge arena, for Christian companies, large educator and administrator conferences, state/district/national youth gatherings, at countless churches and schools, in a cow pasture, and in prison; each has been a blessing!"

His Mission:

  • Share how God can use an ordinary man to get through extraordinary circumstances.
  •  Motivate with humor and Biblical truth towards action in a relationship with Jesus.
  • Equip Christians of all ages to glorify God despite the challenges of this world.

Dr. Parker will be sharing a 45-60 minute talk beginning at 6:30 pm on January 24th in the Lincoln Lutheran Main Gym. There is no cost for families to attend this event.