The Nebraska Arts Council provided a NAC School Bus Arts Grant to Lincoln Lutheran, allowing us the opportunity to take our entire 7th and 8th grade classes to Celebrate Creativity at the Joslyn Museum of Art, hosted by the Omaha Symphony Orchestra on Friday, October 30th! Celebrate Creativity is is an arts-infused experience designed to spark creativity with cross-curricular activities and discoveries. 

Students crafted their own schedules of artistic investigation, choosing from a wide range of hands-on exploratory workshops led by industry professionals. Students also attended a museum tour of their choosing and engaged in an interactive concert with the Omaha Symphony Orchestra! Our students displayed a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm about the opportunities to explore the areas of theater, media arts, music, and dance with working artists from across Nebraska!

Supporting NAC helps bring art programs into communities, making them available to our students. We would like to thank NAC in sustaining artistic opportunities for Nebraska’s students, which equip them with Twenty-first Century Learning Skills in creativity, innovation, and critical thinking!