See You at the Pole - Flag and students praying

This upcoming Wednesday (9/25) is the annual date for "See You At the Pole”. For those who aren’t familiar with the event, See You At The Pole is a national movement that aims to promote school prayer and religious celebration in all educational settings. On Wednesday, September 25, thousands of students from Kindergarten to College will gather around their school flag pole and pray for their educational institution.  

As students and staff at Lincoln Lutheran, we are blessed and privileged with the opportunity to pray to our God as a school body. For the majority of us, school prayer has become a norm, something that we take for granted. On this day, we would like to celebrate our great religious freedom by uniting with the body of believers all across the country. We especially remember the many thousands of students who aren’t able or encouraged to celebrate faith in their school setting.

The student body will be meeting on Wednesday at 7:40am for a group prayer. We will all join together around our school flagpole and lift up thanks and requests to God. Everyone is highly encouraged to attend the event. For those who attend, donut holes and juice will be served before the start of school.

See You All At The Pole!