Middle School Science Fair Results (February 2013)

It’s that time of the year again: science fair time! The small gym is full of card tables displaying all different types of projects that Lincoln Lutheran middle school students have been working hard on for the last few months. The science fair judging took place on Saturday February 9th while the displays remained open to the public through February 12th. Many projects earned the point totals necessary to move on to regional competition. The three top projects at Lincoln Lutheran received rewards and recognition.

Taking home first place was Alice Wentz with her project entitled, “Fowl Play”. Using chicken wings, she tested different environments to see which would affect the weight of the chicken wing the most after decomposition. Between concrete, exposure to air, soil, and a plastic bag, Alice found that the exposed chicken wing’s weight changed the most.

In second place was Trevor Holland with his project called, “What a Drag!”. He experimented to see whether swimmers would have faster times when wearing jammers as compared to swim trunks. Trevor found that swimmers had lower times when wearing jammers because they created less drag in the water.

In third place was Lydia Asplin with her project entitled, “Sweet Dilemma”. She compared different brands of cookie sheets to see which would produce the best cookies.  Using taste testers, Lydia found that Doughmakers™ brand of cookie sheets produced the best cookies.

Overall the middle school science fair was a huge success with many students experiencing and applying the scientific method for the first time. With each project entrants also had to create a report and a display. Great job middle schoolers and congratulations on the successes stemming from all of your hard work!