The leadership team of Lincoln Lutheran solicits feedback from parents through a climate survey every couple of years.  This is done to assist in efforts toward continuous improvement and also to meet the requirements of accreditation standards.  This summer the LLSA Board of Directors created a sub-committee to assist administration in the process of reviewing the data to determine areas for celebration and growth. Below are the major themes of success.   Areas for improvement and possible action are also listed.


While there were many positive comments in a wide variety of areas, there were a few topics and response themes which stood out.  Positive responses in each of the following areas are an indication Lincoln Lutheran is generally meeting expectations of our families.  However, the committee recognizes the need for continued improvement in all areas of ministry including those with stronger scores.  The following areas scored the highest:

  • Christ-Centered focus - opportunities for students to grow in their faith
  • Academic rigor - high expectations for learning
  • Activity program and opportunities for students to participate
  • Quality and service of the office team
  • Appreciation for the dedication and service of our teaching staff


The committee identified several areas for growth and improvement.  These areas are listed below along with a summary of current or future action.

Student to Student Behavior - How students treat one another and how the school / staff responds to behavior

  • Research best practices in schools our size, both Christian and public
  • Review LL policies, procedures, and training for faculty, students and parents

Leadership - Approachability and responsiveness of school leadership

  • Support of middle school with intentional leadership - Mr. Brent Johnson appointed Spring 2013
  • Discipline Expectations/Consistency - Re-communicate to parents philosophy and process for discipline at Lincoln Lutheran
  • Relationship & trust building with administration to students and parents

Communication - Communication between the classroom and parents regarding academics and learning (there is not always a timely response to emails and full use of PowerSchool & Moodle by all teachers)

  • Teacher to Parent - A Belief Statement has been created and communicated
  • Academic Expectations - Grading Guidelines have been created and communicated

Dress Code Consistency - Is the dress code being enforced consistently?

  • Re-Communicate expectations / philosophy - invite partnership with parents
  • Consider collecting feedback from school families about a standardized dress policy

Facilities – Some areas of campus are not appealing or attractive.

  • General upkeep of grounds - Ask constituency to consider additional volunteer opportunities to improve grounds
  • Bathrooms makeover – This has been selected as the Gala Special Project this year
  • Other Plans for improvement – Landscaping, middle school lockers, and whiteboards

Family Engagement - Genuine opportunities for parents to interact with other parents and teachers (building a stronger community)

  • Consider forming a parent hospitality group
  • Work on one event per quarter or semester
  • Consider an "adopt-a-new family" concept