The homepage of our new website

As you may have noticed, Lincoln Lutheran has a new website. In addition to the exciting new homepage, we've also streamlined pages and tried to make things easier to find. 90% of the time the information you are looking for will be on the page For Current Families. That’s the Connect option on the main menu.

You can get to everything else on the site from the Explore option on the main menu.

the Explore option will open up a menu with every page on the website. Everything on the website is available from this menu.

The blue links along the top are the same as the options on the Lincoln Lutheran App. This is where the dynamic content on the website is located. If you haven't had a chance to download the app yet, it is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

You’ll notice that there are multiple ways to access various pages. For instance, you can get to the For Current Families page in these three ways and in the footer.

Because so many people were used to finding links quickly in the footer of our old website, we have put them there on the new website as well. But the homepage is much longer on the new website, and we didn’t want you to have to scroll that far.

Search is a little bit different on the new site as well. When you search, results are returned as you type. Notice that the results are sorted by type before relevance, so look at the whole list instead of just the first few results.

If you have any trouble finding anything on the website, let us know and we’ll try to direct you to the right page.