Activity Pass

If you are planning on purchasing an Activities Pass for the 2020-2021 school year, we would ask that you please take this opportunity to purchase them BEFORE the first home games. Activity passes will get you into all HOME sporting events, but EXCLUDE all tournaments. 

*Please note that this fall on Mondays, there will be an email to "Warrior Families" outlining that week's spectator guidelines and restrictions for that week's activities - both home and away. If there is a restriction on the number of spectators in place for that game, presenting a pass won't automatically allow you into that game.*

The different levels of passes as well as their costs are all included in the linked Google Form. Feel free to purchase passes for family members, but please make certain you fill out the form using their name so we label passes properly.

Another big update for this year's passes is they are all bar-coded. In order to use your pass you will need to get your barcode scanned. You still have the option of taking a picture of your pass; HOWEVER, please note that you will need a picture of BOTH sides of the pass (including the barcode) in order to get in. 

Passes may be purchased either through cash/check (made out to Lincoln Lutheran) or, if you have a student at LL, by charging to your student's FACTS account. We can't accept credit card payments. 

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