Fall Theatre Showcase

Join Lincoln Lutheran's Middle and High School Drama departments as they present the Fall Theatre Showcase!

November 13-15th both the Middle School and High School Drama departments will present One-Act productions. 

The Middle School will perform, "The Complete History of Theatre" a humorous take on the history of the theater throughout the years. The presentations will occur at 7 pm on the 13th and 14th and 2 pm on the 15th. 

The High School Drama will present their Competitive One-Act production that they will compete with at District Competitive Play Production in December. This year they will be performing, "Gossip" a poignant drama featuring a new student named Gossip who manipulates the new friendships she has made to get what she wants. When her friends figure out what she has done, a lesson will be learned. The High School productions will be held on Nov. 13th & 14th at 8 pm and the 15th at 3 pm.

This year, in an effort to spread out spectators and do our best to keep everyone safe, we will be following these procedures: 

  1. Separate tickets will be sold for the HS and MS productions.
  2. There will be a 30 min break between the performances which will allow people to leave the space and for the crew to wipe down seating in preparation for the next group. 
  3. Audience members who would like to attend both productions - will need to purchase tickets for each and leave for the 30 min break between the performances.
  4. We will ask that family groups not linger after the show to avoid crowding and large groups of people congregating.  
  5. Seating will be limited to 60 seats per performance.
  6. Seating will be spread out.
  7. Audience members must wear a mask while in the building.
  8. All tickets must be purchased online - you may either print your tickets or email a digital version to yourself which will be scanned upon arrival. 

Tickets must be purchased online by going to:  https://lincolnlutheran.ludus.com  Ticket sales will begin for Families on Thursday, Nov. 5 and open to the general public Sunday, Nov. 8th.