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Making Lutheran Education Possible

The mission of the Lutheran Education Foundation (LEF) is to develop, manage, and direct resources to support and promote Lincoln Lutheran School Association schools, teachers and students.

Strategic Plan - Critical Targets and Values

The Lutheran Education Foundation utilizes the following critical targets and values to pursue its mission and vision:

  • Christ-Centered – We are anchored in Christ as we teach, live and model God’s Grace in Jesus.
  • Learning – We engage students in learning as we build character, embrace critical thinking and foster a spirit of curiosity.
  • Excellence – We pursue a standard of achievement and conduct that glorifies God and reflects the desire to continually improve.
  • Community – We exist in a caring community working together with families, churches, and supporters to provide Christian Education.
  • Service – We reflect Christ's love by living out a life of service to others.
Critical Targets
  • Campus Resources – An environment conductive to learning enables us to pursue and maximize our mission in and out of the classroom.
  • Finance and Management – Effective management of financial resources ensures fiscal sustainability while encouraging generous support of our mission.
  • Student Outcomes – Lincoln Lutheran offers dynamic programs and pursues external partnerships to create additional opportunities for student success.
  • Connecting – Lincoln Lutheran effectively connects people to our ministry through a caring and inviting community.

Tax Deductible Giving

Gifts to the Lutheran Education Foundation are tax deductible by donors in computing their taxable income in the manner and to the extent provided in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Lutheran Education Foundation is registered with the Internal Revenue Service Department of the Treasury (EIN: 41-2032088) and is exempt from federal income tax under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

Please make donations payable to Lutheran Education Foundation and mail to 1100 N 56th Street, Lincoln, NE 68504.

Types of Gifts

Gifts come in many forms. When making outright or pledge gifts, your gift is made available to the Foundation during your lifetime, while most planned or deferred gift options will benefit the Foundation through your estate.  

Whether the gift is now or through your estate, you impact students for eternity through your generosity.

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Founders Award Winners

The Founders Award is given to those who have shown commitment to and steadfast support of the mission of Lincoln Lutheran.

2021 - Gary and Sue Loontjer
2020 - Dennis and Joan Brink
2019 - Mark and Sandy Hannemann
2018 - Mark and Kathie Divine 
2017 - Pastor Luke Schnake 
2016 - Mark and Sara Fahleson 
2015 - Don Duitsman and John Roeber 
2014 - Wil and Jane (In Memoriam) Tewes 
2013 - Dr. Gary Hammack 
2012 - Steve and June Taege 
2011 - Delmar and Marian Maier 
2009 - Paul and Mary Schudel 
2008 - Daniel Heibel 
2007 - Rev. Melvin Tassler

Shield of Faith Award Winners

The Shield of Faith Award is given to an individual or family who exemplifies generous contribution of service, time and support that inspires others to greater commitment and involvement.

2021 - Mike and Susan Staab
2020 - Lyle and Nancy Middendorf
2019 - Rupert Dunklau Foundation
2018 - Randy and Charlene Wilcox
2016 - Doug and Denise Tewes
2014 - Bill (In Memoriam) and Kay Orr
2013 - Roland and Hiroko Temme
2012 - Robert and Delores Haberman
2011 - Wayne and Wanda Lillich

Lutheran Education Foundation Trustees
    • Derek Trutna - President
    • Kevin Meyer - Vice President
    • Rod Smith - Treasurer
    • Kyle Wooster - Secretary (1999)
    • Cory Bergt - Campaign co-chair
    • Mike Staab - Campaign co-chair
    • Corey Stull
    • Travis Lebo
    • Dennis Brink 
    • Mark Fahleson 
    • Daryl Bell
    • Amanda (Kisker) Heins (2009)
    • Ron Kuehn (1972)
    • Trudy Meyer
    • Ally (Mendenhall) Money (2005)
    • Janice Moore
    • Nathan Schmidt
    • Jason Schwab (2000)
    • Randy Wilcox
    • Wayne Luebbe
    • Scott Ernstmeyer - Executive Director – LLSA/LEF (1989)
    • Lloyd W Wagnitz - Director of Ministry Advancement – LLSA/LEF

**Lincoln Lutheran alumni noted by (Year)