Estate Gift Will Impact Ministry (August 2013)

Lincoln Lutheran was blessed with an undesignated gift from the estate of Ivadelle Repschlaeger in late June for just over $150,000.  This was an incredible blessing!  Per policy, any undesignated gift over $50,000 requires representatives from the Lutheran Education Foundation, the LLSA, an Association Pastor and the Lincoln Lutheran Executive Director to meet and determine how to best allocate the gift to positively impact ministry both now and for the future.

The committee decided to allocate the gift in the following areas: 

  • to the LEF to establish an operational endowment for the support of LLSA operations
  • to our teachers and staff as a thank you for their dedicated work within the ministry
  • to a cash reserve account
  • to our ministry wish list for improvement of facilities  (special consideration was given to ways we might impact student recruitment and improve the general appeal of our facilities)

  Areas that will be impacted include:

  • landscaping upgrades near the main student entrance
  • restroom upgrades
  • new middle school lockers
  • classroom whiteboards
  • conversion kits for six basketball backboards allowing height to adjust
  • a “lightly used” utility vehicle to assist in the set-up and hosting for home contests outdoors, landscaping and snow removal.

What a blessing to see a gift of legacy have an immediate impact on our students and a lasting imprint on the Lincoln Lutheran ministry.  All glory be to God!!